Need for Speed: Most Wanted

This is a racing game that never seems to grow old, so choose your car and go

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a version of the popular auto racing game that came out in 2012. In this edition, the single player game allows players to explore an almost endless virtual world.

This edition features the same open-world experience that players expect from the Need for Speed franchise. When players first start the game, they have the chance to pick the type of car they want to drive. As they win races and score points, they earn virtual cash that they can then use to upgrade those models.

Single players also have the option of picking the type of races they want to run. Ambush races put a player in the middle of the city with police officers around every corner. They must then evade those cop cars and get around the city as the clock runs down. Players get more points for getting away from the police faster. A small map in the lower left corner shows them the locations of all those police officers.

Two of the more classic methods of play with this title include the Circuit and Sprint races. With Circuit races, players must race their cars on specific tracks and circuits. They receive points based on the top speeds they hit and how quickly they complete each course. Fans of previous Need for Speed games will enjoy the Circuit races found in this one. Those races start players at one point on the map and ask that they get to another point. They can use their maps to get around the city.

The Most Wanted term used in the title refers to an in-game list of the 10 most wanted racers around. Players have the chance to compete against those racers on the map and on different tracks. Not only do they earn more points and money for beating those racers, but they then take control over those they defeated.

While there are some great reasons to love this game, the biggest is because of the in-game environment. This is easily one of the biggest worlds ever seen in a Need for Speed game. Players can compete against computer players and others, but they can also spend some time just exploring the world.

Another nice feature of this game is that it gives players some freedom. Instead of requiring that they follow a set path when racing through the city streets, they can create their own routes through that city. Players who love racing games and want to compete on some great and interesting tracks will get a kick out of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.


  • Loads of realistic action
  • Provides players with a larger world to explore
  • Features new vehicles not available in previous titles
  • Has options for both single players and multiple players


  • It can take some time to download and install the game
  • Doesn't show as much vehicle damage as some players might expect

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